Treatment for Children

Services for children with sleeping problems

Children and teens can face problems with their sleep, which can be distressing for both them and their parents. These issues can be diverse and have a wide range of causes and treatments. Dr Browning would be delighted to discuss your child’s specific sleep issues in a free 15-minute consultation and recommend an approach. Prices start from £199.

Child sleep consultations typically include:

In addition to assisting children and their parents on an individual basis, Dr Browning has also worked closely with schools to offer general sleep talks and education to help schoolchildren of all ages

To ensure that Trouble Sleeping is the right option for your child, we offer a free, initial and no obligation telephone consultation with Dr Browning who can answer any questions you have. Call 0118 9010544 now.

In all cases, if we believe that your sleeping difficulty appears to have a medical cause then we will explain the next steps and potentially write a letter to your GP detailing any recommended further investigations or appropriate medical treatment.

The sleep consultancy advice offered by Dr Lindsay Browning is based on her expertise in sleep and is based on psychological principles as a neuroscientist and Chartered Psychologist. Medication will not be offered, and you are advised to discuss coming off any sleeping medication with your GP.

Contact Trouble Sleeping today to take your first step to improving your child’s sleep… and your own!

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.”

Leo J. Burke