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Navigating Sleeplessness: How to Sleep Deeper and Better for Longer

A mental health handbook by Dr Lindsay Browning

If you are struggling with sleep, then buy this book.

Navigating Sleeplessness helps you to learn to understand your patterns and discover what works, so that you can build and maintain a healthy personal sleep plan.

You will find actionable strategies and step-by-step solutions to develop better sleep, using self-care and self-compassion.

You will discover how to:

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Navigating Sleeplessness. Image of many white sheep with one orange sheep. By Dr Lindsay Browning

A word from Dr Browning

We are experiencing a sleeplessness epidemic, but we can all take steps to improve the quality of our sleep. The key to sleeping well is to develop good habits that work for you. Find out how with my self-help guide.”

Excellent easy to read and digest book
Really helped me with understanding why I struggle with sleep and offers practical help to combat problems associated with lack of/inability to sleep. Think I’ll re-read this many times.
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A godsend for anyone with sleeping problems
I came across this little gem after a conversation with the author, Dr Browning. Dr Browning is highly knowledgable; her writing style is very informative while also being easy to follow. Since reading this book, my sleeping problems that had caused me issues for a number of years have reduced massively. Definitely recommend!
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Well written and easy to read
A well written book which uses simple dialogue to help you understand sleep patterns and what they mean to you as an individual. I have read this book from cover to cover, and I intend to dip back in and out, in order for me to assist my family to understand their own sleeping patterns and the shift workers I work alongside! There are lots of useful tips and some helpful templates to use in order to establish your own sleeping habits. You will definitely know after reading this book if you even have a sleep problem at all, or you are just a normal sleeper with nothing to worry about!
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Must Read Book
I was gifted this book and it is one of the best gift that i have received. The information in the book is so much needed for every single human. A lot of things that are taken for granted are the tools for a good sleep and Dr.Lindsay Browning nails it. I would highly recommend every person to read the book and use as a gift for your loves ones. Everyone will benefit.
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