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Someone who sleeps for less than 6 hours per night takes an additional 6 days off work per year, compared to someone sleeping 7-9 hours per night.

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Webinars and Talks

Poor sleep costs the UK economy £40 billion per year through absenteeism and presenteeism. As part of your corporate wellbeing strategy, Trouble Sleeping offers Better Sleep and Wellbeing talks, seminars and workshops. These are an incredibly effective way of improving your staff’s sleep and wellbeing. They can be delivered online or in person.

Picture of Dr Browning presenting to a group of business customers during their lunch break.

Lunch and learn Sleep Talk given by Dr Lindsay Browning

Starting from a 30-minute session, packages can tailored to your needs up to a full wellbeing event with different themed sessions, drop-in clinics and interactive workshops. The most popular option is a one-hour general improving sleep and wellbeing webinar including time for questions.

Session Topics

Trouble Sleeping offer pre and post visit questionnaires included as part of the service to capture the specific sleep issues faced by your employees. In addition, this allows you to see what effect the sleep talk, webinar or workshop has had on your employees’ wellbeing.

“The sleep presentation was fascinating! It was also something new I hadn't thought about in relation to our wellbeing but so fundamental! I liked the humour that Dr Browning used too, very engaging.”.

Drop-in clinics

Drop-in clinics or individual sessions can be bolted on to any talk or workshop. These enable employees with specific sleep concerns to have a 1-to-1 with Dr Browning to help them overcome their personal sleep issue.

Keynote speaker

Dr Browning has been keynote speaker for numerous corporate wellbeing events as well as conferences and after dinner speaking. As author of “Navigating Sleeplessness” we can also offer bulk discount on purchase of the book for events. Enquire for more details.

“Dr Lindsay Browning's presentation was brilliantly informative and if I was organising an event of this kind in the future she would be someone I would consider as a speaker.”

Shift-work consultancy

Trouble Sleeping has worked with organisations such as utility companies, the NHS and the police in advising on shift work schedules and best practice for managing sleep during shift work.

Advice can start from a simple webinar to employees about managing sleep during shift work, through to a full consultancy and audit of your organisation’s shift work patterns. This can include practical advice such as lighting, office design and catering options for ideal night shift work and minimising fatigue.

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The Government’s statutory health education guidance states that, from 2020, all primary and secondary pupils should be taught about the importance of getting sufficient good quality sleep for good health and wellbeing.

Trouble Sleeping has worked with several private and state schools to deliver webinars and workshops about better sleep to teachers, parents and students. They can be delivered within schools as part of their PSHE offering, or offered as an extra-curricular event.

Discounts are available for public sector services and charities – please enquire

Sleep for Athletes

Sleep is a vital pillar of success for elite sports. The edge that good quality sleep gives to muscle recovery, reaction times and reduced injury risk are only a few of the numerous benefits offered to elite athletes.

Trouble Sleeping can work with individual athletes struggling with their sleep, through to advising the whole team on their ongoing good sleep management strategy.

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Someone who sleeps for less than 6 hours per night takes an additional 6 days off work per year, compared to someone sleeping 7-9 hours per night.

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Customers have included SES Water, UCAS, The Royal Albert Hall, the NHS, Somerset and Avon Police, continuing professional development sessions, financial institutions, software companies, lawyers firms, pharmaceutical research companies, charities, schools and many more.