Services for children with sleeping problems

It can be very distressing for any child when they cannot get to sleep or stay asleep throughout the night. It can also have a huge impact on the well-being of parents and guardians. In addition to the worry, they are also kept awake at night and challenged during the day with an overtired child.

Trouble Sleeping offers tailored sleep advice to enable you to identify why your child may not be sleeping and to help them learn to get to sleep and stay asleep peacefully. Children with special needs such as ADHD and autism often have extra difficulties with sleep. Specific advice and help for those children is also available at Trouble Sleeping.

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.”
Leo J. Burke

To ensure that Trouble Sleeping is the right option for your child, we offer a free, initial and no obligation telephone consultation with Dr Browning who can answer any questions you have. Call 0118 9010544 now.

Following that, you can choose from one of three consultation packages:

Child Sleep Services

  • Basic
    • Telephone or Skype 50 minute discussion for basic sleep issues
  • Standard
    • Face to face consultation with standard pre-consultation assessment and email follow up support.
  • Advanced
    • Thorough prior sleep history analysis, face to face consultation, comprehensive post assessment report plus telephone and email follow up support.

Look at the prices page for more information.

Contact Trouble Sleeping today to take your first step to improving your child’s sleep… and your own!