Corporate talks and workshops

World map image showing the financial loss to the economy of poor sleep for Canada, the US, the UK, Germany and Japan.
Financial impact to the economy of sleeping problems – Image from the RAND report “Why sleep matters — the economic costs of insufficient sleep”

Insufficient sleep causes the UK to lose £40 billion a year (1.86% of the UK GDP) according to a 2016 study by RAND “Why sleep matters — the economic costs of insufficient sleep”.

Someone who sleeps less than 6 hours per night takes an additional 6 days off work compared to a worker sleeping 7-9 hours per night.

The image to the left shows the findings from the report on a world map. Read the full report here: RAND 2016 Sleep report.

Most importantly, there has been significant media and government interest in the importance of wellbeing both individually and in the workplace. A Chartered Institute of Personnel Directors (CIPD) survey found that the number of people suffering from mental health problems at work (including anxiety, stress and depression) has risen from a quarter to a third over the past five years. Despite this, fewer than one in 10 of UK organisations have a standalone wellbeing strategy.

Picture of Dr Browning presenting to a group of business customers during their lunch break.
Lunch and learn Sleep Talk given by Dr Lindsay Browning
Trouble Sleeping offers wellbeing talks and workshops for businesses & charities

Basic sleep and wellbeing talks

The basic sleep and wellbeing talk would be a 40 minute presentation about sleep and wellbeing (including tips for overcoming insomnia) and have an opportunity for people to ask questions at the end.

These talks are popular as “lunch and learn” events where staff can come and learn about good sleeping habits over lunch.

1/2  and full day workshops

1/2 day workshops would include interactive workshops, plus presentations about sleep and wellbeing.

As a guide, topics could be chosen from the following:

  • Talks about wellbeing and sleep
  • Interactive workshops where participants can apply strategies to their own sleep issues
  • Relaxation techniques
  • How to deal with jet-lag
  • Shift-work and sleep
  • Advice and information about children’s sleep

Drop-in clinics

Drop-in clinics can be bolted on to a 1/2 or full day workshops and enable a number of your staff to have 1-to-1 consultations and sleep advice at your workplace.

1/2 day workshops and full day workshops with or without a drop-in clinic are available, with discounts available for public sector services and charities – please enquire.

“The sleep talk was really informative. I’m pleased I could attend and thank you for finding such an interesting speaker.”

Customers have included Frimley Park NHS Hospital, Wexham Park NHS Hospital, Heatherwood NHS Hospital, the WIWAG Wellbeing Conference, Depression Xpression, The Rotary Club, Microgen, Boston House (Grove Business Park), Westende Junior School.

Contact Trouble Sleeping to arrange one of our wellbeing talks or workshops for your business, where tips and advice for sleeping well are offered by sleep expert Dr Lindsay Browning.

Alternatively ask us for a tailored service for your business.