Latest News (31st January 2020)

Picture of Dr Browning about to speak at BBC Radio Berkshire

Latest News (31st January 2020)

BBC Radio Berkshire

Dr Lindsay Browning was on BBC Berkshire on Saturday the 25th January to talk about how to improve your sleep. She spoke about the importance of separating your “wake time” from “sleep time” by not watching TV or checking your phone in bed. Also, how it is important to adapt to your child’s sleep needs as they age and how important it is to prioritise sleep especially when too busy or working shifts.

You can listen to the show on BBC sounds (Dr Browning’s sleep segment is from 2hrs 17 minutes into the show).

Picture of Dr Lindsay Browning about to go and speak at BBC Radio Berkshire about how to improve your sleep.
Dr Lindsay Browning about to speak on BBC Radio Berkshire

The Sleep Show – 6th March 2020

The Sleep Show 6-7 March 2020.
The Sleep Show 2020

Her talk is titled “Quieting The Mind At Night” and is on the 6th March at 2pm

Get your Sleep Show/Mindful living show ticket:

And So To Bed blog

Woman on a bike

Check out Dr Browning’s latest blog for And So To Bed here. She will also be speaking at And So To Bed’s Kings Road store on the 25th March 2020. Address: And So To Bed, 591-593 Kings Road, London SW6 2EH.


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