Sleep in 2021 – a new year and a new start

2020 was probably the worst year most of us will have faced in our lives to date. It certainly was for me! But it wasn’t all bad – I did manage to write a book at the same time as working to help people overcome their insomnia, conducting a research study, homeschooling two children and […]

Sleep during the Covid-19 pandemic

We are living through an extraordinary time right now, where the NHS, carers and key-workers are working incredibly hard to keep us alive and fed. Many people have found that their income has stopped, they are struggling with being housebound or face an uncertain future. This uncertainty and worry can be extremely difficult. If you have any […]

Latest News (31st January 2020)

Picture of Dr Browning about to speak at BBC Radio Berkshire

The Sleep Show – 6th March 2020 Her talk is titled “Quieting The Mind At Night” and is on the 6th March at 2pm Get your Sleep Show/Mindful living show ticket: And So To Bed blog Check out Dr Browning’s latest blog for And So To Bed here. She will also be speaking […]

Sleep and mood in the winter

Winter’s long dark nights and short cold days can affect your daytime mood and energy levels as well as your sleep. During the long dark winter, people tend to feel sleepier during the daytime and feel less happy compared to in the summer. There are a number of things that you can do to make […]

Trouble Sleeping has been busy…

So far this year, I have been very busy at Trouble Sleeping … In February I (Dr Lindsay Browning) was announced as the Sleep Ambassador for the UK bed company And So To Bed. I have been working with them to promote good sleep habits and so far I have written two articles: one about […]

Make Sleep Your 2019 Resolution

Resolve to improve your sleep in 2019. Image of a woman sleeping on a bed with logo

With the dawn of a New Year, full of possibilities and opportunities, it is time to start thinking about what changes we want to make this year. 2019 New Year’s Resolutions! Perhaps you want to lose a few pounds, get fit by going to the gym, stop smoking or cut down on your alcohol consumption…? […]

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Image of Christmas presents and text "Gift Vouchers Available".

This Christmas, give someone a gift they really want – the gift of sleep! With Christmas fast approaching, it is the time for finding that perfect gift for a loved one. This Christmas, why not give your loved one the gift of sleep? Getting a good night’s sleep can improve your mood, productivity, help with […]

Welcome to the new Trouble Sleeping website

Welcome to the new Trouble Sleeping website. I am Dr Lindsay Browning and I received my Doctorate in insomnia from The University of Oxford where I studied how worry and rumination affect sleep. I set up Trouble Sleeping in 2006 to help people overcome these issues as well as other sleeping problems. As a mother, […]