Book published today!

Book published today!

Today is World Book Day and also the day that my first book is published! Despite lockdown and not being able to celebrate, I started the day with a glass of champagne and some smoked salmon!

A glass of champagne with a breakfast plate of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and toast, next to the book Navigating Sleeplessness

Today I was also featured in The Sun talking about my top tips for a better night’s sleep – including why you should not have your phone in your bedroom.

It has been a really special day for me as it is the culmination of the work I did while stuck at home during April and June 2020 during the first coronavirus lockdown/quarantine, while also homeschooling my two children. I genuinely can’t believe that I managed to get it all done!

Image of Dr Browning smiling and holding her book, "Navigating Sleeplessness".

Navigating Sleeplessness is a self-help book aimed at helping you realise why you may not be sleeping very well, and to give you practical strategies to help fix it. It is available from Amazon, Waterstones and WH Smiths.


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