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Trouble Sleeping offer the following services, including: initial assessment and advice; withdrawal from sleep medication; CBT for insomnia; everyday sleep advice including children, jetlag and shiftwork; sleep monitoring; and sleep assessment. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available. In addition, it is possible to arrange telephone and online consultations. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and see how we might be able to help you.


Initial assessment and advice

In order to advise you of the best course of action to solving your sleep problems, it is essential to undertake a thorough assessment of your current sleep and sleep history. At Trouble Sleeping, this will be achieved during a confidential, one-to-one session with a qualified sleep specialist. This session lasts somewhere between one and a half to two hours and costs £95.

  • Price includes a post session report summarising the findings and advice, sent to your home.
  • Price also includes telephone and email support post session.
  • Prior to assessment a sleep diary is sent to your home to enable a thorough picture of your recent sleep quantity and quality to be taken.
  • Often during this session we are able to identify negative sleep behaviours and offer a tailored treatment plan  resulting in a significant improvement to your sleep, such that no further sessions are necessary.
  • In other cases, where the sleep problem is more complex, further sessions are necessary to fully explore and overcome the sleeping problem. This is most commonly achieved via CBT for insomina.


Withdrawing from sleep medication

Recent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (2006;295:2851-2858)  has shown that CBT is more effective at treating insomnia than sleeping pills. In conjunction with your doctor, Trouble Sleeping can offer a step by step program to help you come off sleeping medication, and offer help and behavioural advice to help you sleep well without medication.


CBT for insomnia Following an initial assessment of your sleep, a course of CBT may be recommended. Although treatment for insomnia is tailored to your personal needs, a course of CBT usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks and each weekly session lasts 50 minutes. CBT sessions are priced at £50.

  • Price includes a post session report summarising the findings and advice, sent to your home.
  • Price also includes telephone and email support post session.


Everyday sleep advice

You don’t need to have a sleep disorder to benefit from good advice to improve your general sleep health. Trouble Sleeping is able to offer tailored recommendations to help you deal with everyday sleep issues such as jet-lag, shift work, children’s sleep problems, adjusting to having a newborn baby, etc. Advice can be provided in person, over the telephone or online. Packages are available from as little as £25 – please contact us for further details.


Sleep monitoring

Following initial consultation, it is sometimes necessary to undertake more directed measurement and assessment of your sleep, especially for conditions such as sleep apnoea and restless leg syndrome. Trouble Sleeping offer a range of assessment techniques, including actigraphy, designed to closely monitor your sleep at home. Alternatively, we can provide referral to a local hospital for further tests.


Home assessment

Your bedroom environment is a key factor to the quality of your sleep that is often overlooked when people have trouble sleeping. We are able to provide a detailed assessment at your home and offer recommendations to improve your sleeping environment to maximise your chances of a good night’s sleep. Home assessments start from £50.



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