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At Trouble Sleeping we are able to provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for insomnia. Recent research has shown that CBT for insomnia provides greater improvement in sleep quality than sleeping pills, despite the fact that sleeping pills are still the most common treatment. Remember to ask your GP before discontinuing any medications.


Following an initial assessment of your sleeping problem, a course of CBT may be recommended. Although treatment for insomnia is tailored to your personal needs, a course of CBT usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks and each weekly session lasts 50 minutes. CBT sessions are priced at 50 pounds.


Research supporting CBT for Insomnia:


JAMA, 2001; 258:1856-1864

In this study 75 people with insomnia were given either CBT, progressive muscle relaxation training or a placebo. The CBT group produced the biggest sleep improvements over the 6 weeks, and these improvements lasted when tested 6 months later.


Archives of International Medicine, 2004; 164:1888-1896

In this study patients were given either CBT for insomnia, drug therapy, a placebo or both CBT and drug therapy together. The results showed that CBT produced the biggest improvements compared to drug treatment, and that there was no advantage in combining drug therapy for insomnia and CBT.


JAMA, 2006; 295:2851-2858

In this recent study 46 patients with insomnia were either given zopiclone (a sleep drug), CBT for insomnia or a placebo treatment. The patients who underwent CBT for insomnia had the biggest improvements in their sleep, and the drug therapy was no more helpful than the placebo.



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